How to Protect Your Invention

The patent process can be a very confusing one for new inventors. There are a lot of steps, deadlines, and conversations. This article aims to share the fundamental steps inventors need to prepare for if they go this route.

What can you patent?

NEW STUFF AND IMPROVEMENTS ON OLD STUFF. I love inventions and innovation. Like, LOVE love. So much so that I actually own a set of inventor trading cards (I know, nerd much?). One of the reasons I settled on intellectual property law after law school was because of...

You may be ignoring the most important parts of your business

I love creatives and creators. They are constantly pushing boundaries, developing things the world has never seen, and sharing their talents with the rest of us. Some are so committed to sharing their work with the world via social media and other platforms that they don’t stop to assess the value of their work or how to immediately monetize it. In the words of Jay Z, every creator should consider themselves a business, man, and this post outlines how to identify the value in new creations.