Building a Brand

#RunMeMyCheck: Nicki Minaj on the Art of Knowing Your Value

Nicki Minaj has built a nine-figure brand since stepping on the scene in 2004. In addition to music, she’s sold everything from nails and perfume to moscato and wigs. Minaj’s stamp of approval is valuable, and she’s knows it. Companies who use her name must compensate her for that privilege. On Friday, Minaj took to Twitter to call out one ultra-high end shoe company who is using her name without paying her . . . Giuseppe Zanotti. Here’s why I believe she’s right to do so – I hope he runs her that check ASAP.

Beyoncé Put on a Clinic for Content Creators Today: 3 Lessons from #BeyonceHomecoming and #Beychella

As many of us were minding our own business in the wee hours of Wednesday, April 17, Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was preparing to come for all of our necks, edges, and lives with the release both a 137-minute documentary and concert film, titled Homecoming, AND a live album featuring songs from the concert, aptly titled Homecoming: The Live Album. As I was watching all of this transpire, it made me think a lot about content creation and how masterfully Beyoncé was using and re-using hers. HIt the link for three lessons I see for content creators from Professor Knowles-Carter.

Business Advice From Janice Bryant Howroyd

One bio I’ve been amazed by for years is that of Janice Bryant Howroyd. If you’ve never heard of her, you should Google that name. Mrs. Howroyd serves in many capacities, including as an entrepreneur, educator, ambassador, businesswoman, author, and mentor. Born in a small, segregated North Carolina town called Tarboro, she rose to become the first African-American woman to build a $1 billion business.

The Art of the Hustle, c/o Kim Kimble

The internet shared with me that Kim Kardashian paid celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble $2500 to teach her how to braid her daughter’s hair in a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The entrepreneur in me rejoiced, because this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been working with my clients on recently. Entrepreneurs, there’s nothing wrong with knowing your value. As Kim Kimble has shown, there’s also nothing wrong with charging for it.