About Shontavia

An entrepreneur, writer and lawyer committed to helping you become a well-regarded, well-compensated woman in your field.

Helping women leverage their expertise

I’ve founded this company, LVRG (pronounced “leverage”), to helps women build personal brands and successful businesses. I absolutely love big ideas, connecting people to resources, using the world as a classroom, and, of course, Beyoncé.


How I Got Here

When I founded LVRG (originally under another name), it was purely out of the need to increase my income at a time when money was very tight. Everything was really focused on improving the bottom line in my bank account. I was tired, scattered, and frankly, those early days were a mess.

Over time, I learned how to build my brand and business … literally from the ground up.  Along the way I realized that I could help other women identify their own expertise, understand how to package and brand that expertise, and navigate complicated issues around entrepreneurship–especially related to intellectual property.

My Background

I have a pretty unique background: I have an engineering degree, a law degree, a license to practice patent law, and certifications in arbitration and mediation. When I got out of school, my goal was to get rich and I took jobs that I thought would get me there.

I quickly learned that money isn’t everything. I became so unhappy that one day I just quit, cut all my hair off, and left the U.S. for 3-4 months. When I came back, I had a new lease on life and a new respect for the expertise I had gained while chasing large paychecks. I started teaching and writing about business and intellectual property law in the university setting, and over time I just wanted to translate that work into a larger environment where more people could benefit.

While large companies and wealthy individuals understand these principles, most people don’t. So began my journey with LVRG. 

I was desperate to build a brand and company that helped me spread my message. This led to where I am today. I’ve figured a few things out, and I want to share these lessons with as many women as possible.

How I Can Help You LVRG

If you found your way to me, you must be interested in leveraging the tools you’ve learned at work, at home, and in life to build a brand and/or start a company.

I’ve dedicated this website and my life’s work to helping people, especially women, pursue entrepreneurship and find opportunities to leverage their expertise.

You’ll find classes, books, and other dynamic content here – all designed to help women develop their own brands and companies. Please keep checking back for more – I look forward to connecting with you!